Land plot for the construction of an alternative energy facility

General information
1.1. The nearest settlement and distance to it Dudchany village, 6 km, within settlement borders
1.2. Distance to the nearest residential building 0.3 km
1.3. The nearest district center and distance to it Novovorontsovka urban village, 45 km
1.4. The nearest regional center and distance to it Kherson, 120 km
1.5. Total area of the land plot 6.9 ha
1.6. Relief Flat
1.7. Neighboring land plots same
1.8. Buildings and facilities on the land absent
1.9. Underground/overground obstacles on the land absent
1.10. Flooding of the land during heavy rains Not flooded
Legal status


2.1. Ownership municipal
2.2. Cadastral number Not assigned
2.3. Land user absent
2.4. Сurrent purposes of  land use Not used
2.5. Availability of urban planning documentation Master plan
2.6. Classification of land plot purpose land stock
2.7. Form of transferring of the land plot to the investor Long term lease
Transport and engineering infrastructure


3.1. Access road for trucks Dirt road
3.2. Distance to the road of state value 0.02 km
3.3. Freight railway station and distance to it Chortomlyk, 60 km
3.4. Airport and distance to it International airport «KHERSON», 140 km
3.5. Nearest river and distance to it Dudchany reservoir, 0.3 km
3.6. Public transport routes Bus routes
  Electricity supply  
3.7. Distance to the current transmission line, voltage 0.02 km

10 kW

Distance to the current transformer substation 1.0 km
Water supply Artesian well available
3.8. Distance to the possible connection to the existing water supply 0.5 km
3.9. Available way of providing sewage Not provided
Communication networks
3.10. Mobile communication is available to provide

Установа, організація

4.1. Tel/fax +38 (0552) 22 57 68
4.2. E-мail
4.3. Web-site