The State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine has launched the Investment Atlas for Subsoil Users. The project was created jointly with the SRPE ‘Geoinform Ukrainy’, NJSC Nadra of Ukraine, SE ‘Ukrgeofizyka’ and the UkrSGRI.

The Investment Atlas for Subsoil Users is one of the elements of a general government open door policy aimed at attracting investors, including foreign ones, for development of Ukraine’s resource potential.

Other important elements of the policy are liberalization of access to general geological information and qualitative promotion of objects for investment.

All sites included to the Atlas are grouped into six categories:

  • hydrocarbon materials;
  • metallic minerals;
  • non-metallic minerals;
  • groundwaters;
  • solid combustible minerals;
  • precious and semi-precious minerals.

A typical profile of each site contains a general site description, coordinates, estimated resources, preliminary value, minimum requirements for work program, as well as links with the field passport and related site reports. Anyone can initiate one of the proposed sites for an electronic auction or nominate any other site at will.

Also subsoil users are encouraged to propose and nominate their sites for electronic auction which were not added to the Atlas.

The Atlas is freely available on the official website of the Service at the link