Step 1. Get acquaintance with the Kherson region

Meeting with management of Kherson Regional State Administration

Studying the data base of investment offers and free land plots of the region

Studying the Ukrainian legislative base in the sphere of investment activity

Introduction to the list of “regional preferences” for the investor

Determining the economic sphere for investment, selection of suitable land or object

Step 2. Registration of business

(Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Natural Persons – Entrepreneurs”)

  • foundation of foreign enterprise fully owned by the investor;
  •  establishment of the representative office, subsidiary or branch of foreign company in Ukraine;
  • conclusion of an agreement on joint activity (involvement of foreign capital by  Ukrainian enterprise for the execution of individual projects);
  • purchase the block of PJSC shares by a foreign investor;
  • foundation of LLC with a partial participation in the charter capital of the company.

Examination of documents submitted for the state registration of legal entities and individuals – entrepreneurs and other registration actions, is carried out within 24 hours after receipt of documents, except for holidays and vacations.

Step 3. Opening bank account

Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated November 12, 2003 No. 492 “On Approval of the Instruction on the Procedure for the Opening, Use and Closing of Accounts in National and Foreign Currencies”

Legal entities-non-residents (investors) can open in banks of Ukraine:

  • investment accounts for investments in national and foreign currencies;
  • conditional storage accounts (escrow) in national and foreign currencies.

When opening a current account for forming (statutory or share capital, unit or unit fund) of a legal entity (except banks) the following documents should be submitted:

  • statement on opening a current account;
  • one copy of the original of the constituent document or a copy thereof, certified by a notary;
  • decision of the founders (participants) on the determination of the person who is given the right to open and manage the account of a newly created legal entity, which is issued in the form of a power of attorney.

Non-resident investor-legal entity may open a deposit (deposit) account at a bank in which he has an investment account opened on the basis of signed bank deposit agreement.

Step 4. Determination of the land plot and its allocation for construction

The Land Code of Ukraine

Regarding the land allocation the application for receiving permit for the development of land management project is submitted to:

  • village, settlement, city council – municipal land;
  • regional, district – land of state ownership, land of common ownership of territorial communities;
  • district state administration (water management, construction of facilities related to servicing residents of the territorial community of the district (schools, cultural institutions, hospitals, trade enterprises, etc, individual cottage construction) -land within villages, settlements, cities of district importance for all purposes and outside settlements;
  • regional branch of State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy -land plots of agricultural purpose of state ownership;
  • regional state administration – state-owned land, within the boundaries of cities of regional importance and outside settlements, as well as land not included in a particular administrative boundary.

Step  5. Obtaining input data for project design

Law of UkraineOn Regulation of City Planning Activity”

A physical or legal entity who intends to build on the owned or used land plot must get the initial data for the design of the construction site.

The main components of the output are:

  • determine the complex of planning and architectural requirements for design and construction concerning surface and density of land development, retreats of buildings and structures from red lines, boundaries of the land plot, its improvement and landscaping, other requirements for construction objects, established by legislation and urban planning documentation
  • provided by the appropriate specially authorized bodies of city planning and architecture on a free basis according to the order of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine dated 07.07.2011 №109, registered in the Ministry of Justice on July 22, 2011 №912 / 19650

Step 6. Development of project documentation and expertise of the construction project

Step 7. Implementation of preparatory and construction work

Objects of constructionof I-III categories of complexity

Acceptance in operation of completed facilities’ construction is carried out by free-of-charge registration by the body of state architectural and construction control on the basis of a customer-submitted declaration on the readiness of the object for exploitation
Download the form of:

The State Architectural and Construction Control Authority considers the submitted documents within 10 working days from the date of their receipt and enters the relevant information in the register.

Step 9. Partial participation in the infrastructure development of the community

Law of Ukraine “On Regulation of Urban Development”

The customer, who intends to build a land plot in the appropriate territory, must take part in the foundation and development of engineering, transport and social infrastructure of the settlement.

The share participation in the territorial infrastructure development is carried out by transferring by the customer before acceptance the object in operation to the appropriate local budget funds for the creation and development of the specified infrastructure.

State registration of rights is carried out at the request of the applicant by appealing to the subject of state registration of rights or a notary.

Registration of the ownerless property is carried out in the term not exceeding 12 hours, except weekends and holidays, from the moment of the corresponding application acceptance.

List of state registration subjects that realize powers in the field of state registration of real estate and business in the Kherson region