Success stories

Successful companies of Kherson region and their success stories


Risoil-Kherson won the transparent tender for the concession of the Kherson Seaport, which was officially announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on September 12, 2019.

Risoil-Kherson is a special company established in 2019 by the Swiss company Risoil S.A. together with partners in order to participate in the concession competition. The possibility of creating such a special company was foreseen by the tender documentation.

PJSC “Chumak”

n May 29, 1996 in Kakhovka, Swedish entrepreneurs Johan Boden and Karl Sturen founded an enterprise with a world-renowned name “Chumak” with a starting capital of $ 4.1 million.

In 1996, Chumak Company first introduced its ketchup to Ukrainian consumers. Chumak became the general sponsor of “Tavria Games”, which at that time was the largest music festival of Ukraine. This was an expression of gratitude to Ukraine’s Southern region known as ‘Tavria’ in ancient times.

Agrofusion Group of Companies

Agrofusion Group of Companies is a leader in the industrial production of tomato paste in Ukraine.

The company is located in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

In the Kherson region, the holding “Agrofusion” includes the farm “Integrated Agrosystems”.


After the acquisition of the «Rodich» factory by the French investors in 2006, the Danone Company has made full reconstruction and modernization of the plant according to standards of Danone standards in the world and today successfully operates on the territory of the Kherson region.

Production capacities of the “Danone Dnipro” allow to produce drinking and dessert yoghurts, sour cream, milk, kefir. Danone Dnipro is one of the largest foreign investors operating on the territory of the Kherson region.

LLC «Green Team»

The city of Kakhovka – the geographical and production center of the Kherson region – was chosen by investors to build one of the largest vegetable storage in Europe.

PJSC ‘Freedom Farm International’

Established as a subsidiary of the American company in 1993 on the basis of 100% foreign investment in the field of agro-industrial complex of Kherson region.

For the first few years, the main activity was wholesale trade of imported agricultural machinery and corn growing on 300 hectares of land.

Dunapack Tavria

For more than 10 years Dunapack Packaging (a subsidiary of the Austrian family-owned company Prinzhorn Holding) is been in business and represented by two factories in Kherson and Lviv regions in Ukraine.

In 2012, the newest factory for the production of corrugated cardboard packaging was built, launched and successfully operating in the Kherson region for more than 5 years. The total investment from Austria amounted to 40 million euros.

LLC AE “Nibulon”

The company with the world-wide name LLC AE “Nibulon” successfully operates on the territory of Kherson region since 2012. For the purpose of confirmation of readiness for assistance to investors in the construction of the terminal, was concluded memorandum of cooperation and partnership between Regional State Administration and LLC AE “Nibulon”.

Henkel-Bautechnik LLC

Factory for the production of dry construction mixtures which is a branch of Henkel-Bautechnik LLC was successfully built in Oleshki, Kherson region, in 2007.

PetroNick Ltd.

PetroNick plant is a Ukrainian enterprise for the production of agricultural, construction and special equipment. The main products of the company today are the front loaders, which are produced under the trademark PetroNick.

“Agroholding Avangard” Ltd.

East “Agroholding Avangard” Ltd. launched the “Chornobayivske” poultry farm in the Kherson region in Bilozerka district in 2011. The total cost of a project for the construction of a poultry factory and a complex with a feed mill with a capacity of 60 tons of feed per hour, a slaughter shop and a biogas plant on litter and waste production, as well as granaries for 300 thousand tons of grain amounted to 5.7 billion UAH.


In 2005 the company with international name JSC «CARGILL» started its operation on the territory of Kherson region. JSC «CARGILL» bought the complete property complex of «Chumak» company in production of crude sunflower oil in Kakhovka (500 k tons).

Sewing Factory ViD

The history of the factory begins in 1927. With the tradition of Soviet times, in 1930 the factory, which mostly employed women, received the revolutionary name “Bilshovichka”. Then the factory changed its name to “Krasen” and until 2008 it successfully produced up to 225 thousand suits and up to 350 thousand men’s trousers per year of the better quality.

SPE “5 Element” LLC 

SPE “5 Element” LLC is a Ukrainian company established in March 2016 in the Kherson region.

Vindcraft Ukraine Ltd.

Vindcraft Ukraine Ltd. was founded in 2009. The company is engaged in development and investment in wind energy projects in Ukraine. The main business of the company is the production, transmission, supply and distribution of electricity.

Vindcraft Ukraine together with the Swedish company ABB Group have developed a new “standard” transformer substation with a capacity of 9 MW for connection to the existing network of 35 kV.

«Terra Tersa»

The history of the company began in 1997 with the advancement of the technology of drip irrigation under the brand “Terra LTD”. By 2008, Terra LTD was the world’s largest dealer of T-Systems with a high sales volume. The company occupied 50-60% of the Ukrainian market, the same share was in the Russian market. In meters it was about 90 millions.

In the autumn of 2011, TerraTars Ukraine, an international company with 100% Dutch investments (900,000 euros), was created as a result of the merger of the Terra Ltd group of companies with its Turkish partners Doktor Tarsa. The founder is TerraTarsa B.V. (The Netherlands).

Skanditex sewing factory

Skanditex is an international garment factory that produces kangaroo baby bags for the Swedish company Baby Bjorn. The Skanditex sewing factory is a young, dynamically developing company.

Agroproduct LTD

Agroproduct LTD is a multi-activity holding company, a major producer of crop and livestock products in Kherson Region. On 14.5 thousand hectares of crop land the Company grows crops traditional for the South of Ukraine – grain (wheat, barley, corn) and oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans, rape). More than 70% of irrigated areas provide persistently high yields even in unfavorable years. Employed more than 500 people.

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