Agrofusion Group of Companies

Agrofusion Group of Companies is a leader in the industrial production of tomato paste in Ukraine.

The company is located in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

In the Kherson region, the holding “Agrofusion” includes the farm “Integrated Agrosystems”.

In August 2008, in the city of Hola Prystan, the  farm “Integrated Agrosystems” put into operation a plant “Pivdenny” for the production of tomato paste of 120 thousand tons of tomatoes per season. It is a modern complex, equipped with the latest technological equipment, with productivity of 2,000 tons of tomatoes per day (120,000 tons per season).

Agrofusion handles 20,000 hectares of irrigated land. In two greenhouse complexes, more than 150 000 000 seedlings are grown. 500,000 tons of tomatoes per season are processed at the ” Pivdenny” and “Pivnichniy” plants (8,000 tons per day). Agrofusion introduces innovative food technologies. Energy saving equipment and modern sewage treatment facilities allow carefully treat natural resources.

The company plans to expand its capacity in the Kherson region. For this purpose, the land plots in the Chaplinsky district is considered.