“Agroholding Avangard” Ltd.

East “Agroholding Avangard” Ltd. launched the “Chornobayivske” poultry farm in the Kherson region in Bilozerka district in 2011.

The total cost of a project for the construction of a poultry factory and a complex with a feed mill with a capacity of 60 tons of feed per hour, a slaughter shop and a biogas plant on litter and waste production, as well as granaries for 300 thousand tons of grain amounted to 5.7 billion UAH.

The total number of young livestock on the project of OJSC “Chernobayevske” is 2.5 million hens. The poultry complex includes: a growing area of ​​repair young animals of 2.5 million heads, a zone of laying hens (industrial herds) of 5 million heads, which includes an egg sorting shop and a long-term storage facility with a capacity of 100 million eggs of simultaneous storage. Feed mill with a productivity of 60 tons per hour of finished products from granaries 300 thousand tons; slaughter shop with a productivity of 6 thousand heads per hour. Plant for the production of biogas designed production capacity of 9.5 MW of electricity and 10 MW of thermal energy.

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