PJSC “Chumak”

On May 29, 1996 in Kakhovka, Swedish entrepreneurs Johan Boden and Karl Sturen founded an enterprise with a world-renowned name “Chumak” with a starting capital of $ 4.1 million.

In 1996, Chumak Company first introduced its ketchup to Ukrainian consumers. Chumak became the general sponsor of “Tavria Games”, which at that time was the largest music festival of Ukraine. This was an expression of gratitude to Ukraine’s Southern region known as ‘Tavria’ in ancient times.

In 1997, Chumak’s distribution network covered the whole Ukraine. The company bought a second production facility – an old canning factory in Skadovsk, Kherson region. After full renovation, Chumak Company was able to process ripe Kherson tomatoes just in a few hours after picking.

The company also created the first mayonnaise of European quality in Ukraine. Mayonnaise “Spravzhniy” was a great success on the market and with consumers.

The year 1997 became the beginning of cooperation with McDonald’s: the Company became their first supplier in the CIS countries. At first cucumbers, and then ketchup and mayonnaise – Chumak constantly supplies those products to McDonald’s.

In 1998, Chumak acquired two more factories in Kakhovka, this time for the production of sunflower oil. One of them, an abandoned factory for the production of reinforced concrete structures, was converted into a plant for the production of oil in just six months. This was the first sunflower oil production plant in the region.

Chumak Company made a major contribution to improving the technology of growing vegetables throughout the Kherson region by introducing the first drip irrigation system in Ukraine.

It all started as Chumak brought first drip irrigation hoses from Sweden to cover 20 hectares of land. We installed the system on the field that the Company leased. The results were terrific: local farmers were able to harvest 80 tons of tomatoes per hectare. It was double the record of Soviet times and was 5 times more than it used to be before the irrigation system was set up.

In 2000, at the turn of two centuries, the Company grew by 78% because of the successful sales efforts and proper positioning of its products. Chumak owns the largest cucumber field in Europe at the time. In the same year, both sunflower oil-processing factories merged into one – “Chumak Oil”.

The company launched the largest tomato processing plant at the site of an old canning plant in Skadovsk.

Chumak is the only enterprise in Ukraine with a full cycle of production – from fresh tomatoes to the final product. The Company is one of the largest tomato processing enterprises in Eastern Europe.

In addition, in 2000 Chumak became the only producer of tomato juice from fresh tomatoes, and not from concentrate.

Furthermore, Chumak Company introduced a new technology for the production of mayonnaise without preservatives.

In March 2008, the investment company Dragon Capital and East Capital Bering Ukraine Fund together acquired 70% of the shares of Chumak, from one of its founders, Professor Hans Rausing.

On January 26, 2010 Chumak, the largest national food producer, commissioned a new macaroni factory in Kakhovka (Kherson region).

Chumak Company became the leader of the “Ukrainian Brand Rating” that the most authoritative business portal www.delo.ua organized in 2011.

In April 2013, Chumak began production of a new “Kids’ ketchup”. This ketchup is particularly good for children, with a special recipe of ripe Kherson tomatoes, processed on the day of picking, without the use of starch, preservatives and dyes. “Kids’ ketchup” has unrivaled quality and naturalness.

2014 – Chumak launches new fruit smoothie for children from 3 years old – “Fruzy”, in convenient 65-gram Tetra Classic Aseptic package.

2015 – According to the results of the survey of the most desirable employers, conducted by the international company Hay Group together with the magazine “Novoye Vremya”, Chumak Company ranked 9th among the top 20 companies ideal for individual progress.

2015 – Chumak successfully passed McDonald’s Supplier Workplace Accountability Audit. As a result, we have received a high “green zone”, which confirms that Chumak thoroughly observes the standards of safe and healthy working conditions, complies with the international legislation on labor and human rights, and applies the best practices in personnel management.

2016 – Chumak makes it to the top 20 “Dream Companies”, a rating of the best employers in Ukraine, according to a survey by Korn Ferry Hay Group.

2016 – Chumak receives recognition and the title of “Best Employer of Kherson Region” from the Kherson Regional Employment Service for active cooperation in ensuring employment of the population.

2016 – Chumak successfully passes SMETA social audit (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). It is one of the most widespread ethical audits in the world, which is a combination of best practices in the following areas: Health and Safety, Labor Standards, Environment, and Business Ethics.

Chumak launches a hit of the picnic season in 2016 – “Red Hot” Ketchup with hot jalapeno pepper. “Red Hot” Ketchup meets the high quality standards of Chumak, which allow making ketchup without preservatives and dyes.

In 2016, Chumak also introduces a unique “Light” Ketchup with an extract of stevia leaves. This is the first ketchup in the world where stevia extract completely replaces sugar.

In October 2016, a new line of Chumak Juices hit the market with four most popular flavors in carton packaging.

In an effort to be useful and responsible to the society, in 2017 Chumak participates in the charity program – with each sold package of Kids’ Ketchup, 15 kopecks are granted for the purchase of implants that help children with heart disease to recover without complicated traumatic operations in the open heart.

Chumak stands for quality. In 2007, the Company received ISO 9001 quality certificate. The next step for the Company was to obtain ISO 22000 certificate in 2009. Further development in the field of food safety management was marked with the international certificate of FSSC 22000. Chumak’s most recent and greatest achievement was in April 2017 when the Company successfully passed BRC, the world’s major international certification in the field of food safety and quality management.