PJSC ‘Freedom Farm International’

Established as a subsidiary of the American company in 1993 on the basis of 100% foreign investment in the field of agro-industrial complex of Kherson region.

For the first few years, the main activity was wholesale trade of imported agricultural machinery and corn growing on 300 hectares of land.

Since 1995, the company began to increase the amount of leased land, and by 2000 year the total area of ​​land was more than 10 thousand hectares. The main areas of activity were:

⦁ cultivation of agricultural products;

⦁ provision of services in the field of agricultural business;

⦁ wholesale trade in agricultural machinery;

⦁ Wholesale of plant protection products.

In 2004 two new enterprises were created and registered in the Kherson region with a total area of ​​6350 hectares.

At the end of 2010, the total area of ​​the land was 40,785 hectares, of which 17,033 hectares of irrigated area and 23,842 hectares of irrigated land.

At the enterprises of the holding currently employed over 1100 people. Today, the holding is represented by four large companies in three regions of Ukraine (Kherson, Zaporizhya and Poltava), with a total area of ​​40785 hectares. The enterprise specializes in growing of crop production. Main crops: barley, wheat, soybean, corn.

Enterprises forming part of the holding structure are independent legal entities, but the ideology of management comes from one center located in Kherson.