LLC «Green Team»

The city of Kakhovka – the geographical and production center of the Kherson region – was chosen by investors to build one of the largest vegetable storage in Europe.

In 2010, the first stage of the multifunctional vegetable storage facility with the capacity of 50 thousand tons was put into operation. Areas of activity: vegetable growing, storage, processing, packing and sale of vegetables. Trademark – Green Team™. The export-oriented enterprise, the main type of export of this period is peeled onion, pumpkin Muscat (UK).

The largest vegetable storage facility in Ukraine consists of three blocks equipped with separate cooling systems with a capacity of 1.5 MW.

Start from autumn 2011, company Green Team quickly became a promising player in Ukrainian market of fresh vegetables. Construction of a powerful multifunctional modern vegetable storage opened new prospects for agricultural producers:

Up to 2014, company sold Kherson vegetables on the domestic market and exported it to Russia. Since 2015, the sales direction has significantly changed and company started to sell its products on the European market, particularly, in Poland, Great Britain, and Germany.

Growing volumes brought new challenges: to get not only high quality products but also to grow it in full compliance with international safety standards, since only certified products have a chance to enter the European market.

In a short period of time, the export of peeled onion of TM “Green Team” reached 2% in the total import of onions to Great Britain.

Among the nearest plans – the continuation of putting into operation new land areas, increasing the area of own cultivation up to 500 ha. The company is also planning to increase to 2-3 times the volumes of export of peeled onion to Great Britain, improving the processing of vegetable products and expanding assortment.

The company’s specialists are looking for new partners to expand sales geography, particularly in the Asian and Scandinavian countries.