Vindcraft Ukraine Ltd.

Vindcraft Ukraine Ltd

Vindcraft Ukraine Ltd. was founded in 2009. The company is engaged in development and investment in wind energy projects in Ukraine. The main business of the company is the production, transmission, supply and distribution of electricity.

Vindcraft Ukraine together with the Swedish company ABB Group have developed a new “standard” transformer substation with a capacity of 9 MW for connection to the existing network of 35 kV.

The first large-scale facility on the territory of the oblast in the field of wind energy was the construction of the Novorossiysk wind farm in the Lazurne town with a capacity of 9,806 MW, which provided electricity to more than 3.0 thousand households. Each wind installation has an altitude of 94 meters, a rotor diameter of 112 meters and a capacity of 3 MW. At installation, the modern technologies from the ABB Group which enabled to connect it, and to produce electricity in the interests of sustainable development of Ukraine were used.

In order to support the implementation of powerful investment projects, a memorandum of cooperation was concluded between the Kherson Regional State Administration and Vindcraft Ukraine LLC within the framework of the X International Investment Forum of Kherson Region Tavrian Horizons: Cooperation, Investments, Economic Development, 2017.

In 2019, Vindcraft Ukraine LLC completed the investment project for the construction of the Overyanovska wind farm with a total capacity of 68.4 MW.

Vindcraft Tavriya LLC completed construction of the Novotroitska wind farm (72.6 MW installed). During the construction of the wind farm, an overhead transmission line of 154 kV was installed and a transformer substation of 154/33 kV was constructed.

In 2019 the construction and commissioning of the Kairka 220/150 wind substation and the Mirnenska wind farm (Vindcraft Kalanchak LLC) with a total capacity of 163 MW (39 wind turbines of 4.2 each) were completed and commissioned on the territory of the Mirnenska Amalgamated Territorial Community of Kalanchak district MW each).

In total, since 2012 the company owns and operates wind power stations with a total capacity of 334.75 MW in Kherson region, first were Novorossiysk, Stavky and Beregova wind power plants.