PetroNick Ltd.

PetroNick plant is a Ukrainian enterprise for the production of agricultural, construction and special equipment. The main products of the company today are the front loaders, which are produced under the trademark PetroNick.

The Petronick plant is located in the city of Tavriysk (Kherson region). The area of ​​the company is 45 000 sq.m. The production includes metal processing shop, welding shop, painting and assembly workshops, has its own railway branch. There is a testing ground for testing the quality of products at the factory. High-performance equipment, modern technologies, high qualification of the personnel provide expansion of the range of products and improvement of quality. In addition, PetroNick specializes in capital and current repair of special equipment and manufactures solid fuel boilers.

Tavriysk, Kherson region, Ukraine

st. Heroes of Stalingrad, 29-A
74898 Ukraine, Kherson region
tel .: +38 05549 7-46-54
tel .: +38 05549 7-30-79
fax: +38 05549 7-44-31