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The international company TerraTarsa Ukraine LLC with 100% Dutch investments (900 thousand euros, the founder – TerraTarsa B.V. (Netherlands) was formed in the fall of 2011 as a result of the merger of Doktor Tarsa (Turkey) and Terra LTD (Ukraine).

Today, the company is a leading supplier in the market of both Ukraine and neighboring countries, integrated technological solutions for the intensive cultivation of a wide range of crops.

But in 1997, the success story began with the advancement of drip irrigation technology under the Terra Ltd brand. By 2008, the company became the world’s largest dealer of T-Systems with sales of 90 million meters, occupying 50-60% of the Ukrainian market. The same share was in the Russian market.

Further, TerraTarsa Ukraine began to produce special fertilizers at the capacities of its partners from Turkey, selling them in Ukraine and the CIS countries – these are more than 20 types of basic NPK fertilizers, which are produced at a modern plant in Europe. However, they distinguish the company in the market with its own special fertilizer complexes created on the platform of its scientific potential.

The manufacturer is the leader in Ukraine for the supply of chemically pure fertilizers and the leading supplier of complex high-tech solutions for intensive cultivation of crops both on the Ukrainian market and on the markets of neighboring countries.

The main production is located in the Netherlands. Fertilizers are exported to 74 countries, but in 2015 it was decided to build production facilities in southern Ukraine.

In September 2017, the modern agrochemical laboratory “Terralab” began to work in Kakhovka – the only laboratory in Ukraine that can do analyzes of soil, water, fertilizers and plants at the level of the most modern laboratories of America and Germany. The volume of investments is 500 thousand US dollars.

On September 21, 2018, in the framework of the Kherson International Economic Forum “Tavria Horizons”, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Terra Tarsa Ukraine LLC and the Kherson Regional State Administration on the investment project for the construction of a complex in Kakhovka for receiving, storing, mixing and packaging. mineral fertilizers. A corresponding working group has been created, which included representatives of territorial divisions of central government bodies, local government bodies and local self-government.

As a result of joint work, on December 13, 2018 the first stage of the complex was put into operation – a workshop for the production of 3 million tons per year (60 l per day) of liquid chemically pure mineral fertilizers.

The production process is fully automated.

The company has already invested over $ 1 million in the project, and in 2018 it has paid over UAH 82 million in taxes to budgets of various levels. The company has provided 75 jobs for residents of Kherson region with high wages.

In addition, the construction of the second part begins, the opening of which is scheduled for 2019.

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