Agroproduct LTD

Agroproduct LTD is a multi-activity holding company, a major producer of crop and livestock products in Kherson Region. On 14.5 thousand hectares of crop land the Company grows crops traditional for the South of Ukraine – grain (wheat, barley, corn) and oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans, rape). More than 70% of irrigated areas provide persistently high yields even in unfavorable years. Employed more than 500 people.

Animal breeding

Activity area is a dairy complex in Dolynske Village, Kherson Region. Global reconstruction, a massive renewal of the herd and the introduction of a radically new format for livestock maintenance, brought the Company into the leading group of Ukrainian milk producers. Comfort and safety of animals is a priority for the dairy farm Trading Company «Dolynske» LLC.  Loafing of cows, balanced nutrition, ventilation and irrigation of premises in hot weather and, most importantly, herd management. Thanks to computerization and appropriate software of the farm, each an animal, even its emotional state is recorded – after all, it also has an impact on productivity.

More than 3000 thousand of heads elite breed cows.

Crop production

The fertile lands of Agroproduсt LTD are rich with wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rape and sunflower.

40 ths.t indicator of crop productivity.


A promising project of landing large-scale walnut garden is being introduced. Only 7% of the land is adapted to the growing of seedlings of this species, and Ukrainian lands are the most fertile ones.


Both enterprises (Trading Company «Dolynske» LLC and  «Druzhba» LLC) have seed-production status and are annually certified by the Institute of Plant Protection Expertise, confirming certificate-patents for  original seeds  growing (elite and first category seeds). Specialists of the Enterprises strictly observe the special technologies of cultivation and post-harvest operations, which allow to ensure varietal purity of seeds and successfully pass two-level control in seed laboratories.

Power engineering

Was built the largest roof photoelectric station in Ukraine capacity 2 MWt.

Agroproduct LTD

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