Risoil-Kherson won the transparent tender for the concession of the Kherson Seaport, which was officially announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on September 12, 2019.

Risoil-Kherson is a special company established in 2019 by the Swiss company Risoil S.A. together with partners in order to participate in the concession competition. The possibility of creating such a special company was foreseen by the tender documentation.

Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the SPILNO project office, consultants of the EBRD and the International Finance Corporation, the first precedent of a transparent and open concession in Ukraine was created in Kherson region.

The concession competition consisted of several stages, including pre-qualification and qualification, which was consistently passed by all participants of the competition. According to the results of the competition, the financial offer of Risoil-Kherson was the strongest, and also far exceeds the minimum amounts indicated in the tender documentation.

For example, the minimum rate of concession payment proposed by the Ministry in the tender documentation was 0.73%. At the same time, Risoil-Kherson indicated in its proposal that the bid was almost 10 times higher. Thus, the concession payment of Risoil-Kherson to the state will be 7% of income annually, except for a fixed amount of about 12 million UAH.

In addition, the most important criterion for the selection of the winner in the competition was the support of local infrastructure and self-government.

Risoil S.A. is confident that its presence in the Kherson seaport will have a positive impact not only on the development of local infrastructure, but also on every inhabitant of the city of Kherson.

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