Sewing Factory ViD

The history of the factory begins in 1927. With the tradition of Soviet times, in 1930 the factory, which mostly employed women, received the revolutionary name “Bilshovichka”. Then the factory changed its name to “Krasen” and until 2008 it successfully produced up to 225 thousand suits and up to 350 thousand men’s trousers per year of the better quality.

The crisis in 2009 undermined the company’s former capacity and, due to lack of orders, it stopped and was frozen by 2013.

Since the summer of 2013, the factory has gained a new life thanks to new owners and revived literally from ashes. The production part of the factory was completely rebuilt with modern equipment.

Today, Sewing Factory ViD is one of the largest modern sewing enterprises in Ukraine, located on 5000 m2 of land in the center of Kherson. The total area of ​​factory buildings is over 12,000 m2, which gives the opportunity for development and growth.

The factory employs more than 100 qualified tailors and 30 technicians.

The joint efforts of the authorities and business created two branches of ViD Garment Factory Ltd. in the cities of Genichesk and Hola Prystan, employing about 200 people. At present, preparatory work is underway to open branches of the factory in Beryslav and Oleshky districts.