LLC AE “Nibulon”

The company with the world-wide name LLC AE “Nibulon” successfully operates on the territory of Kherson region since 2012. For the purpose of confirmation of readiness for assistance to investors in the construction of the terminal, was concluded memorandum of cooperation and partnership between Regional State Administration and LLC AE “Nibulon”.

A modern high-tech enterprise was built in the village of Kozatsky in the Berislav district of the Kherson region – the transshipment terminal for grain and oilseeds transportation to the river transport of the branch “Kozatska”. Construction was the first stage of realization of investment project in the Kherson region. The planned cost was 160 million UAH. The technical characteristics: the storage volume of grain – 76 thousand tons, the daily capacity of dryers – 4 thousand tons, daily capacity for shipping on water transport – 10 thousand tons, the number of employees – 60 people.

Филиал «Козацкий»

Another outstanding investment project for the Kherson region was the 25th anniversary terminal in Hola Pristan, which was built by LLC AE “Nibulon”. It is symbolic that the decision to build it was announced by Nibulon on the eve of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ukraine’s independence and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the company itself. On August 5, 2016, a Memorandum of cooperation and partnership was signed between the Kherson Regional State Administration and the LLC AE “Nibulon” in the area of ​​implementing an investment project for the construction of a transport infrastructure facility, the Transshipment Terminal for the Delivery of Grains and Oilseeds to River and sea and river transport in the city.

On July 14, 2017, in Hola Prystan, Kherson region, the grand opening of a new reloading terminal and the signing of a loan agreement totaling $ 90 million with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development took place. The cost of construction is 500 million UAH, and traditionally for the company “NIBULON” a powerful company was built in less than 100 days.

In addition, on July 30, 2017, for the first time in 14 years, from the berth of the company “NIBULON”, a non-self-propelled vessel with the first batch of watermelons, collected by the consolidated 28 Kherson farms, set off in Kyiv. This is a new joint infrastructure project that will enable more efficient, timely and relatively inexpensive delivery of high-quality products from manufacturers to consumers of the Dnipro. Thus, internal traffic has been started on both sides – downstream and upstream against it.

Company “NIBULON” together with the Kherson regional administration has developed and implemented a program for unloading highways from large-volume vehicles, which is important for the state and for the region. Due to this, on the roads of the Kherson region, each year, 500 thousand tons of cargo will be less, as they are reoriented to water transport arteries. By such investment methods, the leading Ukrainian agricultural enterprise substantially reduces traffic flow and protects Kherson and Mykolaiv from the traffic flow.

In plans of the leader of the agrarian market of Ukraine is to build 10 enterprises on the Dnipro River and other rivers, including Kherson region. This will fundamentally change the logistics map of Ukraine, which will significantly reduce the load on Ukrainian roads, save budget funds and improve the environment.

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