Industrial Parks

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “About Industrial Parks”, the industrial park is a territory for the placement of industrial facilities, which is provided with the necessary infrastructure, managed by the managing company in accordance with the concept and has an area from 15 ha to 700 ha.


Industrial parks facilitate industrialists’ access to sites, simplify the process of negotiations, facilitate planning and speed up the process of launching enterprises. Companies interested in placing manufacturing companies are turning to the management company of the industrial park in order to identify and lease a specific site for a specific production. The managing company receives a park area for a long-term lease from the owner and carries out activities according to the concept.


  • A transparent and simple procedure for acquiring ownership of a land plot within an industrial park
  • State maintenance of equipment (engineering communications, roads, structures) of the industrial park
  • «0» duty rate for equipment and components that are not manufactured in Ukraine and imported by initiators of the creation, managing companies for the construction of an industrial park and the participants of industrial parks for the implementation of economic activities within industrial parks
  • Interest-free lending in Ukrainian banks
  • Exemption from share participation in the development of the infrastructure of settlements in the territory of which an industrial park was created
  • Time to launch the project for participants in the industrial park is 6-9 months
  • Low operating costs when running a business
  • Ability to attract skilled labor
  • Ability to work with manufacturers in industrial parks in Europe and Asia.

Information about the creation of industrial parks, legal aspects of their functioning and the state of affairs in Ukraine

  • Law of Ukraine “On Industrial Parks”
  • Industrial parks in Ukraine
  • Possible models of management of industrial parks in Ukraine
  • Creation of industrial parks
In addition, within the framework of certain priorities, at the initiative of LLC “SPE” Kherson Machine-Building Plant”, the project of creation of the Kherson industrial park was developed, the implementation of which was announced by a memorandum signed in June 2016 between the Kherson City Council, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and LLC “Ukrsilgospmash”.
A project for the development of the territory of OJSC “Kherson Cotton Factory” was also developed and presented, as an area for creation of an industrial park.