In the regional state administration was discussed the prospects of cooperation within the framework of the EU/UNDP project “HOUSES”

Today, in Kherson city, the leadership of the regional state administration was met with the project manager of the EU/UNDP project “Association of Home Owners for Implementation of Sustainable Energy Efficient Solutions” (HOUSES) Tymshina Svetlana.

During the event, the issues of improving the energy efficiency of the residential sector of the region were discussed through the association of apartment owners and implementation of energy-efficient projects.

Today, improving energy efficiency in various sectors of the Ukrainian economy is a top priority of Ukraine. The housing and communal sector has a direct impact on the quality of life of millions of Ukrainians, but is characterized by low constancy due to high energy and heat consumption, worn-out infrastructure and heating equipment, significant gas consumption and outdated residential sector.

For two years, the EU/UNDP project “Association of Home Owners for Implementing Sustainable Energy Efficient Solutions ” (HOUSES) will conduct an information campaign at the national, regional and local levels to inform the general public and local communities about new energy efficiency legislation, programs The Energy Efficiency Fund and the funding mechanisms that it offers.

The project will carry out a series of group and individual consultations for activists who intend to create condominiums, assets of already established ACMHs and local authorities on the issues of the creation of condominiums, accounting and financial management, search and funding for initiatives to improve the state of the buildings.

Within the framework of the meeting, the parties agreed on holding joint measures on the association of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings. In turn, the regional state administration will provide comprehensive support for the implementation of the HOUSES project on the territory of the oblast with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of the housing stock in the territory of the Kherson region, facilitating the identification of active citizens, and organizing their participation in activities conducted by UNDP.

Participation in the project “HOUSES” can be taken by representatives of existing ACMHs, initiative groups for the creation of condominiums, housing construction cooperatives (HBC), which are planning to transform into ACMH. You can apply for participation in the project:

Contact person on issues related to the implementation of the project in the region – Esma Umerova, UNDP regional coordinator for achieving the goals of sustainable development in the Kherson region, tel. 050 979 40 85, e-mail: