On 31th January 2019 the Head of Kherson Region State Administration met with Shanol Hezer, Director of LLC AgroProduct, and Oleksandr Honcharov, a representative of Ozturk Group in Ukraine.

On this meeting, parties have discussed development of a highly productive agricultural production using new technologies and advanced present-day experience namely implementation of an investment project “Reconstruction of bran granulation shop into compound feedstuff production complex with capacity of 50 tones per hour on the territory of Kherson”.

LLC AgroProduct is a subsidiary company of international holdings Ozturk Group, Global Gida and Rasyonel Tarim that have production facilities in Turkey specialized in production of vegetable oil and full ration compound feedstuff for ruminant animals and poultry farming.

From 2005 company produces granulated wheat bran and remains as one of the bran export leaders in Kherson region. The company sales its production on international markets of EU, Asia Minor, the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2018 company began new modern plant construction for feedstuff production with capacity of 50 tones per hour attracting foreign investments in an amount of up to USD 3 mln. It is planned to launch the plant on the middle of March 2019. Seventy workplaces will be created and an amount of average salary will be above UAH 10 thou. In addition, it is important to emphasize that company is registered in Kherson thereby all taxes will be paid to local budget.

Parties decided to formalize their agreements by signing of the tripartite memorandum between Kherson State Region Administration, Kherson City Council and LLC AgroProduct-Kherson on cooperation in implementation of the investment project for reconstruction of bran granulation shop into compound feedstuff production complex on the territory of Kherson.