Prospects for enhancing trade, economic and investment cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova

The development of free economic zones (FEZ) today is one of the priority directions of the economic policy of the Government of the Republic of Moldova as a tool for attracting investments, creating new jobs and promoting goods and services produced in the FEZ for export.

According to the expert assessment of the specialists of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova, the conditions of activity provided to business entities in the SEZ of Moldova could, under certain conditions, also be used by Ukrainian business entities in order to further increase the supply of domestic products both to the Republic of Moldova and to third countries of the world.

In particular, in this context, it should be noted the existence of a free trade zone between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey, close external economic relations of Moldova with the countries of the Balkan region and Italy, as well as the opportunities that the participation of Ukraine and Moldova in the Regional Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules opens up. origin (Convection Pan-Euro-Med) *.

So, we bring to your attention information on the activities of free economic zones in the Republic of Moldova with the aim of a possible search for potential foreign economic and business partners.

* Note.

On January 1, 2019, Ukraine and the European Union, within the framework of bilateral trade, began to apply the provisions of the Regional Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Preferential Rules of Origin, which is a tool that establishes identical rules of origin for goods applied under free trade agreements between its contracting parties.

Now there are 25 parties to the Convention, namely: EU, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland), Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Palestine, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Faroe Islands and Montenegro.

In practice, the application of the provisions of the Pan-Euro-Med Convention means that a Ukrainian manufacturer will be able to purchase raw materials or components from one of the parties to the Convention, and export finished products to the other party to this Convention without paying a duty or at a reduced rate of duty.