A meeting on the implementation of investment activities in the region was held

On July 9, 2020, under the leadership of the head of the Investment Promotion Office of the Regional State Administration Mrs.Tetiana Uzhviy, a working online meeting was held. The main aim of the meeting was discussing the status and prospects of the development of investment activities of the regional units. Representatives of regional state administrations, city executive committees of cities of regional significance, united territorial communities. Also, a specialist from the southern representative office of the escort department at the UkraineInvest Office for Attracting and Supporting Investments Ukraine, Dmitry Misyurov, took part in the meeting.

Mr. Dmitriy acquainted participants with the activities of the government office for attracting and supporting UkraineInvest investments, and also noted the need to provide as much information as possible on promising investment sites that are subsequently provided to potential investors.

During the event were discussed the preparation of bilingual printed investment profiles of districts, cities and united territorial communities, the status of implementation of investment projects, analysis of indicators included in monitoring and evaluating the performance of structural units of the regional state administration, district state administrations, city executive committees of cities of regional significance.

In addition, Mrs. Tatiana noted the need for an inventory and audit of lands in subordinate territories, as well as streamlining information on investment potential and offers on official websites.