Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine taught the united territorial communities of the Kherson region to be non-volatile

Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine, Public Association “Energy Country”, State Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Agency of Ukraine since 2017 initiated a program to promote energy efficiency in the United Territorial Communities of Ukraine.

During 2018, within the framework of the Program in the united communities of Ukraine will be held practical seminars with the participation of well-known experts on energy efficiency and new energy-efficient projects and programs.

So, on June 25, in the Regional State Administration was held the training seminar on the “Integrated Approach to Energy Efficiency in the United Territorial Community”, the program of which was presented by the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and the Public Association “Energetic Country”.

The trainers of the seminar were greeted by: director of the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine Marcel Rotig, director of development of LLC “Energy Country” Viktoria Godik and deputy chairman of the Regional State Administration Alexander Adamchyk.


Participation in the event was attended by the heads of the Territorial Communities and local elders, profile specialists, executives and chief engineers of institutions of communal property form, social activists. Altogether about 70 participants.

Participants learned about the experience of implementation of energy-efficient projects in the field:

“Pilot module” Green School “- Galina Lugova, director of the Antonovsky comprehensive school of I-III stages number 21 of the Kherson city council;

“Implementation of the energy saving project at Kherson City Clinical Hospital. A. and O. Tropinykh “- Zara Barzina, deputy chief doctor on technical issues of KU” Kherson City Clinical Hospital named after them. A. and O. Tropinykh”;

“Experience of the Hola Prystan on the way of fulfilling the obligations of the Mayors Agreement” – Anatoly Gontar, Chief Specialist on Economic Issues of the Executive Committee of the Golopristansky City Council;

“Implementation of energy efficient projects in the Prisivashska territorial community” – Tamila Zozulinskaya, deputy head of the village council on the activities of executive bodies of the Council of the Grigorievsky village council;

“Implementation of Energy Efficient Projects in Musikovska territorial community” – Marina Gajur, Energy Manager of Muzykovskaya territorial community.


In addition, a number of issues were considered during the work: implemented and planned energy efficiency measures in the communities, attraction of international material and technical assistance to community energy efficiency projects, and tools of support from the government.

The discussion on the prospects and plans for the implementation of energy efficient projects and initiatives was completed.