Prospects for privatization of the regional state-owned objects were considered at the Kherson RSA

On September 16, 2021, Deputy Head of Kherson RSA Mykola Yakymenko held a meeting of the working group on coordination of the state-owned objects privatization in Kherson region.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine the most rational use of state property objects, which are currently not used.

Representatives of state institutions and enterprises which hold state-owned objects that are not being used today also took part in the meeting.

According to Galina Teslyuk, Head of the Regional Office of the State Property Fund in the Kherson region, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopil, currently 291 state-owned objects are not used in the region. Their total area is about 1.6 mln m2. Many objects might be interesting for potential investor.

During the meeting, representatives of the Regional Office and state institutions discussed the current condition and proposals for the further use of some objects.

Following the discussion, participants of the meeting selected the objects that will be offered for privatization or lease. We hope that they will get a new life in the near future.