A development plan of a member of the Kherson Regional Council for Investors and Business Protection “Kakhovka HPP named after P.S. Neporozhniy” was presented in Ukrhydroenergo’s report for 2019

Ukrhydroenergo presented the current implementation stage of the investment project for Kakhovka HPP-2 construction in the published Management Report for 2019. The project implementation has started in 2017. It is assumed that the cost of the project will be over UAH 18 bln.

The project envisages increasing the Kakhovka hydropower complex capacity up to 585 MW (HPP-1 + HPP-2). It will allow to:

– ensure operation of HPP-1 and HPP-2 during peak parts of the power system daily modes;

– increase the average long-term production due to the full use of flood discharges;

– extend the service life of HPP-1 and the hydropower complex as a whole.

Public hearings on the Environmental Impact Assessment Report concerning planned activities for the project implementation was held in 2019. Approvement of the mentioned report by authorized territorial body on ecology and natural resources is expected to be obtained.

As of January 1, 2020, the project was financed in the amount of UAH 63.3 mln without VAT. In particular, the volume of investments amounted to UAH 9.59 mln in 2019.

Plans for 2020 and medium-term plans are following:

  • completion of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in accordance with international requirements;
  • development of the land documentation;
  • submission of the investment project to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine for state examination in order to obtain state guarantees for its implementation;
  • attraction of loans provided by international financial institutions or other investors;
  • start of Kakhovka HPP-2 construction in 2022.

Full text of the Ukrhydroenergo’s report for 2019 you can find at the link: https://cutt.ly/coHWvfA.