Government adopted the Concept of state policy implementing in the field of promoting the development of socially responsible business in Ukraine for the period until 2030

By the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine order, dated January 24, 2020 No. 66-p, the Concept for the implementation of state policy in the field of promoting the development of socially responsible business in Ukraine for the period until 2030 was approved.

The purpose of the Concept is to create a regulatory framework and implement measures to introduce international standards for socially responsible business in the activities of business entities in order to ensure sustainable development of Ukraine and increase public welfare.

The concept is supposed to be implemented in two stages (first stage until 2025, second – until 2030).

During the implementation of the Concept, it is supposed to achieve such short-term results for the national economy:

– creation of new jobs, including for internally displaced persons and persons with disabilities;

– creating safe and healthy working conditions, reducing the level of occupational injuries and occupational morbidity;

– reduction of manifestations of corruption; dissemination of the best practices of socially responsible business in ethical and respectable behavior;

– improving the quality of goods and services; reduction of harm to health and the environment resulting from the consumption and / or disposal of low quality goods;

– strengthening cooperation with central and local executive authorities on investigations into competition violations; reduction of cases of violation of antitrust laws, etc.

In addition, it is expected to achieve such long-term results:

– ensuring the development of socially responsible business as a priority of state policy;

– increasing the level of competitiveness of the state and macroeconomic indicators; increase in the volume of markets for goods and services; growth in wages and employment; enhancing the business reputation of the business; improving the quality of road infrastructure; ensuring innovative and technological development; improving the quality of human capital;

– improving the reputation of domestic business as socially responsible;

– support for the development of trade, economic, scientific, technical and investment cooperation between Ukraine and foreign countries on the basis of mutual benefit by observing international standards of socially responsible business by domestic business entities;

– increasing in the volume of attracted foreign investment in the domestic economy.

As a result, the introduction of new business standards will positively affect the quality of life of citizens in general, and in particular will provide an increase in the level of protection of consumer rights, quality and safety of goods (services); will affect the improvement of the environment; the spread of innovation both in the short and long term.

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