Screening of foreign investments to protect national interests will be launched in Ukraine for the first time

Today in Ukraine there was no system for assessing foreign investments in national security, the Ministry of Economy has developed a corresponding draft law, which today was adopted at a meeting of the CMU by technical and legal amendments.

In addition to defining the procedure for assessing the impact, the draft law will help regulate the mechanism for attracting foreign investment to enterprises that are of strategic importance for the national security of Ukraine.

“Given the challenges, the screening of foreign investment is a key element in protecting national security and strategic facilities of the state. Taking into account aspects of economic security, the Ministry of Economy, having enlisted the support of the international expert environment, is taking an important step towards introducing a system for assessing foreign investment in national security in Ukraine”, commented Ihor Petrashko, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

The bill was developed with the participation of international experts from the G-7 countries, taking into account the experience in this area of ​​the advanced countries of the world.

The document will determine the principles of foreign investment, types of activities that are of strategic importance for the national security of Ukraine.

To coordinate and monitor the impact of investments on the national security of Ukraine, an Interdepartmental Commission will be established to assess the impact of foreign investment.

“Screening of foreign investments will help to protect national interests in the field of national security, as well as ensure the development and preservation of the latest technologies. In addition, a transparent and efficient assessment mechanism will allow our enterprises to cooperate more actively with foreign investors and attract investments”, the minister added.