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LLC Fruit and vegetable plant ‘Kherson’ produces fruit and vegetable preserves, fruit and vegetable juices, tomato paste, tomato sauces and zucchini caviar. Fruit and vegetable preserves:

–       Pickled cucumbers (can/glass jar of 0.72 l;1.85 l and 3.0 l);

–       Pickled spicy cucumbers (can of 0.72 l);

–       Pickled tomatoes (can/glass jar of 0.72 l;1.85 l and 3.0 l);

–       Pickled spicy tomatoes (can of 0.72 l);

–       Pickled cherry tomatoes (can of 0.72 l);

–       Cherry tomatoes ‘Piquant’ (can of 0.72 l);

–       Tomatoes in tomato juice (can of 0.72 l);

–       Vegetable mix No.2 (can of 0.72 l);

–       Tomato paste 25% (can of 0.46 l);

–       Tomato sauces (can of 0.46 l);

–       Zucchini caviar (can of 0.46 l).

Natural tomato juice (jar of 1.0 l and 1.85 l).

Fruit juices.

Certificate ISO 22000:2005 Quality Austria


Kosher Certificate


Certificate of Compliance from producer

Director Oksana Badenko




Sales manager Anastasiya Podpalova



The House of Vintage Cognacs ‘Tavria’ Production:

–       wines

–       brandy

–       cognacs


ISO 22000

Viktor Zdybel

299 Dneprovskiy Avenue,

Town of Nova Kakhovka,

Kherson region, Ukraine

Liqberry producers organic berry pastes made by unique HTD technology without sugar, water and preserving agents. Many researches of leading Ukrainian institutes have proved that pastes has a positive influence on human health. Liqberry producers 8 types of pastes:

–       blueberry paste;

–       lingonberry paste;

–       cranberry paste;

–       raspberry paste;

–       blackberry paste;

–       black chokeberry paste;

–       strawberry paste;

–       sea buckthorn paste.

Certificate of Compliance No. UA. 111.CB.047-19 from 14.02.2019 Head office: 6 Polyovy avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine

+38 (044) 456 18 34, +38 (050) 462 80 45, +38 (067) 889 44 11.

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