Why is it profitable to invest

in the Kherson region?

Administrative-territorial structure of the region

Information on the existing population with cutaway cities of the Kherson region (as of December 01, 2019)

The area of Kherson region 28,461 km2


(as of December 1, 2020)
Number of territorial communities 49


Number of districts 5





Name Number of territorial communities Total area, km2 Population


11 4,760.5 97,365


4 6,518.6 121,283


15 6,285.4 222,266


9 5,244.7 125,896


10 3,647.0 461,103


Favorable economic and geographical location

Kherson region is situated in the south part of Ukraine, within the Black Sea lowland. It borders on Mykolayiv region in the north-west, on Dnipropetrovsk -in the north, on Zaporizhzhya region in the east and on Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the south.

The total area of the region is 28,5 k km2

Kherson region is located in the steppe zone, on the lower flow of the Dnipro river. It is washed by the Black and Azov Seas, and also by Sivash (Rotten Sea) and Kakhovka Reservoir. On the territory of the region there are 19 rivers, the largest of which are the Dnipro (178 km long) and Ingulets (180 km long)

The region has favorable climatic conditions:
  •  moderate-continental arid climate;
  • 240 sunny days per year.

Developed infrastructure

  •  Kherson region is a transit area with a powerful branched transport system, which includes rail, sea, river, automobile and aviation transport;
  • developed network of public highways of 5002.0 km long, among which 5002,0 km, the roads of the state value is – 1430,4 km,                       of local value – 3571,6 km;
  •  there are 2 international transport corridors (Euro-Asian (M17) 226 km long, and the Black Sea EU (M14) 114 km)long);
  • International airport “Kherson”;
  • 2 sea and 2 river ports;
  • developed railroad connection.

Economic Indicators

The average number of regular employees in January – September, 2020 was 147,022 people.
The registered unemployment rate in the region calculated in accordance with the ILO methodology was 55.0 k people from January to September, 2020.
In January-November, 2020 the regional retail trade turnover amounted to UAH 22,509.7 mln (or 104.0% compared with the same figure for the analogue period in 2019).
In December, 2020 consumer price index (CPI) compared with the same figure in November, 2020 was 100.6% in Kherson region and 100.9%. in Ukraine. In the beginning of 2020 CPI reached 105.6% in Kherson region and 105.0% in Ukraine.
Industrial Production Index in January-November, 2020 (compared with the same period of 2019) was 102.4% in Kherson region and 93.8% in Ukraine.

Favorable conditions for agro-industrial production development

  • the largest irrigating system in Europe 427 k hectares;
  • the area of agricultural lands of the region is – 1969,4 k hectares, arable land is –1777,9 k hectares;
  • fertile lands;
  • 2.0 million tons of cereals and more than 500.0 k tons of technical crops annually and the highest in Ukraine index of soybean yield –
    36.1 centners per hectare;
  • Kherson region is the leader in Ukraine in the production of vegetables and melon products;
  • the availability of processing industry and agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Significant base of minerals

  • In the region significant reserves of drinking and technical groundwater are concentrated for mining in 20 fields located within its administrative-territorial boundaries;
  • among natural resources in the territory of the region predominantly lay cement and brick-tiling clay, marl, limestone, salt, peat, gas;
  • the most popular for usage in the region are limestone, varied by age, technological and chemical properties.

Skilled labor and scientific potential

The average number of full-time employees in January – September, 2020 was 147,022 people.
Annually educational institutions of Kherson region provide the following:
– 800 masters;
– 9.5 k specialists;
– 6.0 k specialists in applied sciences.
In January – September, 2020 the average month salary of a regular employee amounted to UAH 8,997.0 which is 1.8 times higher than the minimum wage in Ukraine as of September 01, 2020 (UAH 5,000).

Business climate

26 administrative services centers throughout the region.

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