Tourism in Kherson region

Kherson region is a unique area

for tourism, leisure, rehabilitation and recreation

It is the only region of Ukraine, which has access to the two warm seas the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

km of sandy beaches sea coast
resort settlements
explored deposits of curative mineral balneological resources
objects of nature reserve fund

Unique, environmentally friendly natural recreational resources:

Dnipro Delta

Arabat Spit

the world’s longest sand spit

Dzharylgach and Biruchy islands

Europe’s largest uninhabited islands.

Kinburn and Tendra spits

Oleshky sands

the only natural desert in Europe.

Oleshky forest

the world’s largest man-made forest – 100 thousand hectares

There are 80 objects of nature reserve fund in the region, including Black Sea Biosphere Reserve and Falz-Fein Askania Nova Biosphere reserve.

4 national natural parks:

Azov – Syvash;

Oleshky sands;



More than 5 thousand objects of historical and cultural heritage are concentrated in the Kherson region:

Scythian burial mounds;

ancient fortresses;

remains of Turkish fortifications;

Cossack crosses;

numerous temples.

Developed water, rural green, wine, ecological, historical and cultural types of tourism.

There are 2 dolphinariums on the territory of the Azov-Black sea coast.

Dolphinarium “Oscar” is located in Henicheska Hirka (located at the entrance to “Budivelnyk”). The dolphinarium is a favorite place for both local residents and holidaymakers of Arabatka.

A rehabilitation center was created for children treatment with diseases of the nervous system based on the Skadovsk Dolphinarium.

Unique exhibition objects in the open air:

Tavrian Green Village

Chumatska Krynitsa

Urban CAD

Festival Kherson region

Calendar of festivals in Kherson region include:

Melpomena of Tavria

International festival of theater premiers «Melpomena of Tavria»,

Kupala dawns

all-Ukrainian festival «Kupala dawns»

Ukrainian watermelon – sweet miracle

all-Ukrainian festival «Ukrainian watermelon – sweet miracle»

Tavrian villages

all-Ukrainian festival «Tavrian villages»

Tea mood

all-Ukrainian festival «Tea mood»

Kherson Fest

festival of south flavor, street food and emotions «Kherson Fest»


International Actors Film Festival “Stozhary”

BlackSea games

BlackSea games in Skadovsk

There are more than 1 000 recreational facilities in the region:

establishments for children’s recreation and rehabilitation.
farmsteads of green tourism.
hotel complex

The total bed fund of these objects is more than


thousand places.

The region attracts the lowest prices in Ukraine for all beach destinations in Ukraine.

Kherson region will surprise its visitors with brand new tourist products, oriented on any age category:

exciting trips to the unique desert island Dzha, Kinburn spit, kiting, yachting, kayaks, deserts, waterfalls, unspoiled nature reserves, and various gastronomic tours.

Kherson Region is not only sea but also the way to the impressions:

this year, every tourist will have the opportunity to fully taste Tavria, to immerse himself in the atmosphere of “Kherson de Mason”, as well as open many other attractions;

Open Kherson region together! Travel to Ukraine!