Mineral and raw material base of the Kherson region

In the region there are 112 deposits of minerals, 92 deposits of which are taken into account in the State balance of mineral resources of Ukraine and 33 deposits, which in the future can be developed.

In the Kherson region the following natural resources are available:

Cement and brick – tile clays






The State balance of Ukraine’s minerals defined 7 deposits of limestone for the development in the region, suitable for burning on lime, with reserves of 89.6 million tons (or 12.65% of the total reserves of Ukraine). At present, West-Tyaginka deposit (PJSC “Tavria construction company”) and Starosilske deposit (PJSC “ArcelorMittal Berislav”) in industrial development.
More than 20 deposits of building sand have been explored in the region, among which 11 fields with total reserves of 194.39 million m3 were accounted by the State balance of mineral resources of Ukraine (three industrial deposits of construction sand – Shabovka, Kalanchak and Kardashinka – were involved in industrial development).

The deposit of manganese ores is explored in Kherson region (Fedorovske deposit) with operational reserves of minerals 31.5 million tons, which will ensure the exploitation of this deposit for a period of not less than 30 years.

There are 39 deposits of building stone in the region, 16 of which are accounted by the State balance of mineral resources of Ukraine, in particular:

2 deposits of pith stone, one of which is developed (Lviv deposit of sawn limestones);

20 deposits of brick-tiled raw materials with reserves of 38.432 million m3 (or 1.58% of the total reserves of Ukraine), one of which is developed – the Kamyshanske deposit (PJSC “Tavrian Construction Company”);

2 deposits of rubble stone, fractional and non-fractional gravel and limestone with an area of 418 hectares and 20 hectares, located on the territory of the village of Bila Krynica and Davydov Brid village in Velyka Oleksandrivka district of the region).

The most relevant today is the development of an already explored deposit of marl (raw materials for the production of cement) with raw materials for the extraction of 100 tons per day for 100 years, located in the Zapovit village on the territory of Bobrovy Kut village council of Velyka Oleksandrivka district of the region.

In the Kherson region, there is the Strelkovo gas deposit, included into the experimental development in 1976 (initial gas reserves approved in the amount of 3087 million m3 in the C1 category and 996 million m3 in category C2, accumulated gas production for the entire period of its development is
1907.3 million m3 (or 61.8% of balance reserves).

In the region significant operational reserves of drinking and technical groundwater are concentrated for mining in 20 deposits located within its administrative-territorial boundaries.