Kherson region is a transit region with a powerful ramified transport system, which includes rail, sea, river, road and air transport.

In the region there are about 90 enterprises, institutions and organizations of transport industry with the total number of employed more than 15 k people, namely:

state sea commercial ports
river ports
State Enterprise of Railway Transport
business entities engaged in the carriage of passengers and goods by road.

The highways infrastructure

The highways infrastructure in the region is developed: 18 motor roads of general use of state importance pass through the territory of the Kherson region, including international ones – 3, regional roads – 2, and territorial roads – 13.

The length of public roads is

5002.0 km, of which the state value is 1430.4 km, and the local one is 3571.6 km.

There are 2 international transport corridors

(Euro-Asian (M17) – 226 km long, and the Black Sea EU (M14) – 114 km long).


The international airport “Kherson” – covers 200-km zone of Kherson region and part of the Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiyv, Kirovograd regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (more than 6 million inhabitants) and accumulates 239.0 hectares of land (the part of which is appropriate for construction of logistics center with cargo terminal for commercial activity Aviation potential of Kherson Region).
The runway of Kherson airport with 2 500.0 m length and 42.0 m wide allows the use of modern mid-range airplanes, including Airbus-320 and Boeing-737-800, as well as transport An-12, IL-76 and An-124.
Availability of regular daily aviation flights by routes:

“Kherson – Istanbul – Kherson” (Turkish national airline “Turkish Airlines”);

The airport serves charter flights (seasonal) by order of tour operators to the resort cities of Egypt and Turkey, as well as for personal needs of individuals.

Railroad Connection

РThe developed railroad connection in the region – railway tracks length of more than 900 km.

the regular passage of 24 trains

through the railway station of the Kherson station, providing transportation needs in Kherson and Mykolayiv regions.


Availability of new daily high-speed train “Intercity” by route “Kyiv – Kherson”.

Passenger Transportation

The presence of passenger traffic and tours of Dnipro river along the route “Kherson – Hola Pristan – Nova Kakhovka – Kherson” (on the Nibulon-Express vessels).
Schedule high-speed vessels NIBULON Express-4

Kherson commercial sea port

The locomotive of marine transport infrastructure is state enterprise «Kherson commercial sea port». It is situated on the right bank of Dnipro River,
26 km away from the Dnipro-Bug estuary. The port is open for ships coming the whole year round.
Manufacturing capacity of the port allows to handle about 4,5 million tons cargos per year.
Transshipment of mineral and chemical fertilizers in bulk and in containers, keeping them in covered warehouses, at open areas and on floating vessels.
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Development prospects of Kherson commercial sea port

Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port

The state enterprise “Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port” located on the shore of the Dzharilgach Bay of the Black Sea;
  • production capacity of the Port – processing up to 1.0 mln tons of cargo per year;
  • within the water area of ​​the Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port there is the Skadovsk-Zonguldak (Turkey) ferry line.
Prospect: providing of sea passenger transportation along the route: “Skadovsk – Odesa – Skadovsk”.
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