Industrial complex of Kherson region

In the I quarter of 2020 industrial production index was 114.0% tо the corresponding indicator in the І quarter of 2019.

The industrial complex of Kherson region includes more than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises, employing more 24 thousand highly skilled specialists.
As of March 31, 2020, industrial products (goods, services) were sold in the amount of UAH 7.4 bln.
Industrial production remains the leading economic sector of the region in FDI attraction.
As of December 31, 2019, industrial enterprises of Kherson region attracted USD 182.0 mln or 74.2% of total FDI amount, in particular processing industry attracted USD 144.1 mln or 58.7% of total FDI.
Thus, USD 37.8 mln (15.4% of total FDI) were invested in industrial enterprises engaged in power, gas, heat and conditioned air supply.

Structure of industrial complex on branches

Mechanical engineering


Wood processing and paper production

Light industry

Nonmetallic mineral production

Foodstuff production

Leading mechanical engineering enterprises are:

Kherson state plant “Pallada” has no analogues either in domestic or world practice in production of moorage pontoons, berthages, base pontoons for floating hotels, garages, granaries, power stations and composite floating docks with load-carrying capacity from 400 to 32000 tons.
Ltd “Smart Maritime Group” is the only company in Ukraine that has restored the full-scale construction of ships, and produces well-known in 26 countries of the world production.
Ltd “SPE “Kherson machine-building plant” is the largest producer of modern complex agricultural machinery in Ukraine, the basis of which are self-propelled grain harvesters, grain harvesting equipment, seeding, sprinkling and soil cultivation machinery
Ltd “PetroNik” specializes in the production of agricultural, construction and special machinery (today the company’s main products are front loaders, semitrailers and graders, as well as solid fuel boilers, which work on granulated biofuels from agricultural waste products)
LLC “Mechanical Plant” is one of the largest producers in Ukraine, which supplies the world leaders in the automotive industry with high-quality aluminum alloys for the manufacture of cylinder blocks of internal combustion engines and transmissions boxes (the main products of the company are front single or double lifts, solid fuel boilers, dredgers and others).
PJSC “Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment” is a world leader in the machine-building and electric welding industry, which specializes in the manufacture of machines for welding rails and pipes, welding semiautomatic devices, road equipment used in 80 countries of the world (almost 95% of hanging and 60% of stationary rail welders of the world park are products of PJSC “Kakhovka plant of electric welding equipment”).

Wood processing and paper production:

Dunapack Tavria LLC – manufacturing of corrugated cardboard packaging for agricultural products produced in the south of Ukraine, with a capacity of
120 million m2 per year.
Tsiurupinsk paper company Ltd. is the only producer of filter paper in Ukraine using at producing of filters and filter units for automobiles, agriculture equipment and gas filters.

The leading enterprises of the light industry in the region are:

Clothing factory “ViDproduction and sale of special clothing for workers in the chemical, oil and gas, metallurgical, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, transport and construction, communal and agricultural sectors (over 300 items of products).
“Tsyurupinsk garment factory “Yunist” LLC – is a modern production of a wide range of sewing products from environmentally friendly raw materials (bed linen, soft ware, outerwear, overalls, blankets, mattresses and other products that are exported to European countries)

The leading manufacturers of non-metallic mineral products in the region are the following enterprises:

Amalteya Ltd is the only producer of high-quality round-bottomed polypropylene sacks with a productivity of more than 30 million units per year in the Kherson region (during its operation, the company produced woven material with a total length of about 280,0 thousand km, which would allow 7 times to turn the planet along the equator).
Energy Product Ltd. is the largest in Eastern Europe plant for the production of niche autoclave aerated concrete (the production capacity of the company is
450 thousand m3 per year, and the latest Dutch technology allows you to get the best quality products that meet all world standards).
Askona-Pivden Ltd. is a manufacturer of construction finishing materials under its own brand “ANSERGLOB” with the capacity of more than 20 thousand tons per month.
Branch of “Henkel-Bautechnik” Ltd. in Oleshky is the fourth factory in the division of Austrian-German company “HENKEL” in production of dry construction blend under “CEREZIT” trade mark with production capacity of 220 thousand tons of finished goods per year.