A land plot for agricultural purposes nearby Vilne Village


General information
1.1 The nearest settlement, distance from the land plot to the settlement Vilne Village, the land plot is situated outside the settlement; 0.15 km
1.2 Distance to the nearest house 0.15 km
1.3 Distance to the residential zone borders 0.15 km
1.4 The nearest district center, distance to it Urban settlement of Hornostayivka, 16.5 km
1.5 The nearest regional center, distance to it Kherson, 134 km
1.6 Land plot area 35.1 hа
1.7 Form Polygon
1.8 Relief Flat
1.9 Adjacent areas Land plots for agricultural purpose (land for carrying out non-commercial agricultural activity)
1.10 Underground/aboveground objects on the land plot None
1.11 Ecological requirements and restrictions None
1.12 Soil pollution, surface and ground water pollution Not found
1.13 Submersion during floods Not found
Legal status
2.1 Owner State
2.2 Type of ownership State-owned
2.3 Cadastral number Not assigned
2.4 User None
2.5 Purposes for which land plot is used The land plot is not being used
2.6 Land plot purpose classification Reserve land (for administrative buildings, outbuildings and other constructions)
2.7 Town planning documentation None
2.8 Legal restriction (encumbrances) None
2.9 Form of land plot transfer to investor Long-term lease
Transport and engineering infrastructure
3.1 Access road for trucks Asphalt road
3.2 Distance to the road of state importance 12.5 km – Т0804 (Каkhovka –Kamyanka – Dniprovska)
3.3 Cargo train station, distance from it the plot by road Bratolyubivka Station, 27 km
3.4 The nearest airport, distance from it the plot by road International airport ‘Kherson’, 149 km
3.5 The nearest river, distance from it the plot Dnipro river, 10 km
3.6 Available public transport routes Bus routes to district and regional centers
3.7 Possibility of connection to the gas transmission network Hornostayivka district is not gasified
3.8 Possibility of connection to the electric network  
3.8.1 ·        Distance to the nearest power line 0.15 km
3.8.2 ·        Distance to the nearest working transformer substation 0.15 km
3.9 Water supply Not provided
3.9.1 ·        Ways of water supply provision, distance from the land plot to the possible place of connection to water network/source Connection to the water supply system of Vilne Village (0.15 km); if there is no need in continuous water supply, it is possible to provide industrial water transportation
3.10 Water withdrawal (sewerage) Not provided
3.11 Connection to the landline and mobile phone network can be provided
4.1 Tel/fax +380552225768
4.2 E-мail invest.inkherson@gmail.com
4.3 Web site https://investinkherson.gov.ua/